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Nick Murro

  • Bax Grylls
  • Bax Grylls

Crossing Fight School -

Maple Shade, NJ and greater Philadelphia area

Nick Murro is a life long martial arts enthusiast with a plethora of styles and friendly sparring matches under his belt.

He has been learning H.E.M.A. from sword hermits since 2008, and teaching it almost as long. He initially trained under Vincent Hann of M.A.S.H.S. and founded the first H.E.M.A. club at Loyola College of Maryland. He helped found the Long Island Historical Fencing Society before joining M.E.M.A.G. in 2014.

Nick has competed in open longsword at both Fechtschule New York and Iron Gate Exhibition, as well as in paired technique at Fechtschule New York.

His current projects include research on pugilism, sword & buckler, and dagger, as well as getting to know every H.E.M.A. enthusiast in the immediate area.