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Meister Johannes LiechtenauerFirst established in March of 2006, the Medieval European Martial Arts Guild (MEMAG) is a collective name for a number of independent schools teaching Historical European Martials Arts (HEMA) which share similar training methodology and goals in their studies, as well as fellowship among their instructors and students. The focus of all schools that comprise the guild is on the Kunst des Fechtens (Art of Fencing) of Grandmaster Johannes Liechtenauer, who lived in Germany during the late medieval period. The teachings of the Grandmaster and his students were preserved in the form of various fencing manuals, which form the foundation of our modern studies of this art. Academic resources pertaining to the study of HEMA, such as primary source translations, pedagogical documents, and modern analyses of the medieval teachings are commonly shared in addition to the occasional visitation and instruction between members of the various schools of MEMAG.

The Medieval European Martial Arts Guild is a
member of The Liechtenauer Federation.

Longpoint 2017


M.E.M.AG. was well represented this year at Longpoint 2017! There were over 20 members competing, voluntering and training. Well done to all of you.


M.E.M.A.G. currently has 4 locations accross the East Coast for learning Kunst des Fechtens.

Blue Ridge Sword School is currently on hiatus until further notice.
Blue Ridge Sword School
Bucks County Sword School
Crossing Fight School