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Bucks County Sword School

Bucks County Sword School is currently holding classes on Fridays 6:30-8:30pm at the Newtown Recreation Center in Richboro, Pennsylvania. All ages 12 years old and up are welcome to attend.

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(Northampton Recreation Center) 345 Newtown Richboro Rd, Richboro PA

Bucks County Sword School


Stephen Cheney

Bucks County Sword School -

Richboro PA

Stephen Cheney is a long time martial artist who began studying at the MEMAG Crossing branch in 2015. Prior to practicing Historical European Martial Arts, he has studied kendo since 2008, and practiced sport fencing for three years in college.

Stephen has staffed and participated in the open longsword category of several HEMA tournaments including Longpoint, Shortpoint, Fechtschule NY, Longpoint South, and DC HEMA Open. He has also participated in a handful of demonstrations with other local groups.

Stephen also enjoys reading and translating original sources. Past projects include the "Procedures for Fencers of Augsburg," and “Jörg Wilhalm Hutter's long sword."