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The Medieval European Martial Arts Guild was officially founded in March of 2006 by Cory Winslow, John Bax, and Joshua Reptsik. It was the aim of all involved to create a fellowship of dedicated researchers, practitioners, students and instructors of Historical European Martial Arts who would aid each other in their endeavors and help resurrect these lost arts. Later, Robert Koulakjian, Chuck Wyatt, Betsy Taylor, Joshua Hawley and Kris Urs joined the ranks of MEMAG instructors, adding new insight and observations to MEMAG's interpretations. Together it is our goal to educate our students and the public about HEMA, as well as train our students to be efficient Martial Artists of which Meister Liechtenauer himself would have been proud.

The MEMAG is an organization consisting of two historical fencing clubs which instruct students in the fighting system developed by the 14th century German fencing GrandMeister, Johannes Liechtenauer. Our first group is located on the Delmarva Peninsula in the Salisbury, Maryland area. Fittingly named, this branch is called the 'Halbinsel Fechtschule' which translated means the Peninsula Fight School.

Our secondary branch is located in Pennsauken, New Jersey which is in the greater Philadelphia area. This branch is called the 'Brueke Fechtschule' which translated means the Bridge Fight School, named after the bridge which links the school's location to Philadelphia. Primary training is based on the use of the Longsword, but our classes cover the use of a whole range of Medieval and Renaissance weapons. Equipment is provided for students' use, but we encourage everyone to eventually purchase their own safety equipment.