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The Medieval European Martial Arts Guild is an association martial arts schools devoted to the study, training, and reconstruction of the fighting arts developed in Europe during the Middle-Ages and Renaissance.

Our studies focus on the Kunst des Fechtens (Art of Fighting) of Meister Johannes Liechtenauer, who lived in what is now Germany in the fourteenth century. Meister Liechtenauer's art has survived the treacherous passage of time in the form of several fechtbücher (fight-books) written by various Meisters from within his long-lived tradition. It is from these writings that MEMAG has devised interpretations and accompanying syllabi into a curriculum that is used to instruct modern students in the ways of the Medieval German Meisters of the Kunst des Fechtens.


MEMAG currently has schools in three locations which hold regular classes in the use of several types of Medieval weaponry. Please look through our website to find out more about our Guild, learn about Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), finds links to other schools, learn about our curriculum, and find information about how to join a MEMAG school near you.

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